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Comparativa kits de integración de iPod en BMW

Tema en 'Audio BMW' iniciado por nachogemma, 20 Jul 2006.

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    Aqui más detalles


    We are proud to release our newest item to our website - the DICE ipod Integration Kit for BMW.


    Factory iPod integration from DICE! Connect your iPod to your BMW’s Audio System and hear what your iPod should sound like in pure 100% CD-quality sound. You are in complete control of the iPod from your radio, steering wheel or the iPod’s clickwheel. Always keeps your iPod charged and ready to go. The DICE iPod integration kit will also display text from your iPod allowing you to view song title and artist name right on your radio's display.


    A clean factory looking installation is possible with our sleek iPod cradle and hidden installations can be done with our docking cable.

    The DICE iPod integration kit consists of the DICE module, BMW-specific trunk harness and iPod docking cable. A video-enabled cradle will be released soon.
    New features of DICE iPod Integration kit include:

    1. iPod is now fully unlocked while connected to DICE integration kit. You are allowed full access of your iPod’s features as well as the following browsing options:

    • Album Selection
    • Song Selection
    • Playlist Selection
    • Chapter Selection (Audible/Audiobooks)

    You can browse your iPod with the steering wheel, radio or Navigation buttons and the iPod (or any combination of the three) without booting into separate modes. Allowing the iPod to remain in “iPod UI” allows for the user to still rate songs and create “on the go” playlists.

    2. AUX compatibility with user-adjustable Sound Output settings:

    • Volume Output (selectable 1-100)
    • Bass (selectable 1-100)
    • Midrange (selectable 1-100)
    • Treble (selectable 1-100)

    3. ID3 text output

    • Features Song Title/Artist and Album information on your Navigation or Radio Display

    4. Charging of your iPod while in play, never have a dead iPod again!

    Vehicle Compatibility

    The DICE iPod integration kit is compatible with the following vehicles:

    1996-2006 3-series (excluding iDrive)
    1997-2003 5-series
    09/1998-2001 7-series
    2004-2006 X3
    2000-2006 X5
    1996-2002 Z3
    1999-2002 M-Roadster/Coupe
    2001-2006 M3
    2000-2003 M5
    2000-2003 Z8
    2002-2006 Mini Cooper/Cooper S
    2000-2005 K1200LT Motorcycle

    Flash Demo - DICE iPod Kit in Action

    Here you can see a 2-minute demo of the DICE kit in action on a 3-series BMW w/ Business CD:

    Link: http://www.europeanautosource.com/im...y/eas_dice.swf

    Ordering Information – special introductory price of $159!

    ice>Link Plus is available for preorder now and shipping starts in mid-May at $159 introductory pricing. Those who preorder beforehand will also get free shipping.

    Link: Order Now!


    For a limited time, we are offering those with an existing ice>Link Plus system an upgrade to the DICE integration kit for a introductory price of $99. Those who preorder beforehand will also get free shipping.

    Upgrade Link: Order Now!

    Screen Shots: (e46 specific, X3/X5 shots will be coming soon)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    DICE will also be releasing a Video-out capable iPod cradle in the upcoming weeks, this will be on the website soon for preordering. As always, questions are welcome via the forum, email or phone.
  2. negro530

    negro530 Guest

    yo me quedaria con el del medio, ya qes el q mas opciones tiene aunque es un pelin mas caro, tambien tiene soporte por lo cual viene de maravilla para el maletero y asi no llevamos el ipod colgando.

    La unica duda q tengo es q si salen los titulos de las canciones en la pantalla 4:3 color