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Los Yankees no quieren Bentleys made in Germany

Tema en 'Foro General BMW' iniciado por Strap, 14 Jun 2005.

  1. Strap


    6 Abr 2002
    Me Gusta:
    pues eso...cosas del "prestigio" :nose: :nose: :nose:

    CREWE, England — Some Bentleys will be made in Germany, but American buyers will receive only ones built at the company's historic British factory.

    Bentleys made in Germany won't be sold in Britain either, according to marketing director Adrian Hallmark, as British and American buyers expect a British luxury car to be made in England.

    Customers in mainland Europe — especially Austria, Germany, Holland and Switzerland — are not so partial, and will receive the identical German-made examples of the new Continental Flying Spur sedan. Hallmark said the decision was based on customer research.

    Bentley is looking to shift some production of its new Flying Spur to Volkswagen's underused assembly plant in Dresden, Germany. The Dresden plant makes the slow-selling VW Phaeton sedan, and has excess capacity, while Crewe is at full stretch because of strong demand for Bentley's expanded range. Dresden could provide "temporary overflow volume for a couple of years," Hallmark said.

    Workers in Dresden would handle about one-third of the 170 hours required to make each car. Crewe workers would need more time because they would remain responsible for time-consuming tasks such as engine building and wood and leather work. The first Flying Spur deliveries will go to U.K. customers in June.

    What this means to you: When you're paying top dollar, consumers obviously want what they consider to be the best. The British super-luxuries have an enduring reputation; it remains to be seen if Germans can do walnut-and-leather as well as the Brits.
  2. Till

    Till Guest

    Amos, que si los alemanes saben hacer las cosas tan bien como los británicos?

    Ya ves... en el año en el que Rover se hunde y BMW pasa del millón de vehículos vendidos, los yankis se plantean si las cosas "made in Germany" pueden competir con productos del país de la cerveza caliente y de la vaca loca... ver para creer... :D
  3. pLEy

    pLEy Clan Leader

    21 Ago 2002
    Me Gusta:
    Le quitan el cartelitos de MAde in Germany por uno de Made in UK y no se enteran :p
  4. Toni Montana

    Toni Montana Guest


    Creo que psicológicamente les ha "afectado" el parecido del nuevo Flying Spur con su poco exitoso "hermano bastardo":

  5. Till

    Till Guest

    Es más, le ponen "Made in EU" y ya los tienes confundidos totalmente... :finga: