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Otros foros amigos....

Tema en 'BMW Serie 5 E-60 (2003 - 2010)' iniciado por Rav4, 23 Dic 2005.

  1. Rav4

    Rav4 Guest

    amena conversacion de unos foreros extranjeros....

    oh! What´re seeying my eyes! Only 2 cars with turtle tyres [​IMG]

    Turtle tyres? [​IMG] No comprendi Senor

    "Turtle tyres" means "16 inches rims" [​IMG] non dynamic wheels [​IMG]
    Well, before the answer of Asparagus KIng, i´d like to say that the choose of one or the other depends of your driving style, i mean if u like to slow down when u´re arriving to a sharp bend it´s better manual-transmission. Howewer if u prefer not to leave yourr hands off of the steerin-wheel, you must choose SMS or Steptronic transmission.

    In Honrubia (Cuenca - Castilla-La Mancha - Spain) The Quijote´s Year [​IMG]

    The steptronic gearbox don´t like in Spain, only is good for the old people, they was tired and ... [​IMG]
  2. Berki

    Berki Forista Legendario Miembro del Club

    22 Nov 2005
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    Eso me suena..:S