no comprar nunca un coche

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  1. frantfg

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    2 Ago 2005
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    Miré para comprar un coche en Alemania, y supuestamente esta es una empresa "fake" creada por rumanos, que ponen unos coches a la venta que no existen, y claro a muy buenos precios, y con dicha empresa te lo mandan.

    Ejemplo. Audi A3 2.0 TDI AÑO 2003 10.000 EUROS, NO ESTA MAL!!!

    Esto es lo que te cuentan:

    About delivery I have just called the shipping company and they told me it will cost around 400 pounds to deliver the car from Germany to Spain. The price also includes 14 days trial period testing plates and all the paperwork for registration. This means the shipping company will take care of canceling the registration on my name and register the car on your name, in Spain .
    So I agree to pay half of the shipping fees and the final price for having the car delivered at your door in Spain will be no more than 10500 EUR.
    Now let me explain to you the entire procedure used by Euro Speditions Ltd.
    Once you will sign up with and set up our transaction I will be informed to come up with the car for inspections. After passing the technical and legal inspections Euro Speditions will publish additional information about the transaction on their website. You will be able to check them using the tracking number you will receive after the transaction is set up.
    Because they don't know if you exist or not at the address they will make the delivery, they will ask for a refundable guarantee (30% of the car's worth). In no more than 6 days after Euro Speditions receives the guarantee payment the car will reach Spain with temporary registration plates. From that moment you will have 14 days to test it and drive it. At the end of these days you are forced to make your decision: keep the car and pay the rest of 70% to Euro Speditions or refuse the car and have your money back (the 30% guarantee).
    This is the most convenient way we can close a deal.
    Let me know soon,
  2. marioRD

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    hay tantas de esas,q al final nos vemos comprando nosotros el coche alli(bueno,yo me los bajo de alli siempre)........
  3. kazarn

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    3 Sep 2003
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    hay que ser hijo p**a :bash:

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