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Canciones de coches

Tema en 'Foro General BMW' iniciado por Hectorino, 1 Mar 2007.

  1. Hectorino

    Hectorino Guest

    Abro un tema para que pongamos las canciones relaccionadas con los coches

    Necesito un disco para el domingo con canciones de estas,Gracias de antemano

    Podeis ir copiando la lista?

    Haze-Gasolina,sangre y fuego
    Haze-La potencia pa tu carro
  2. La Monjita

    La Monjita Miembro del Club

    7 Ago 2006
    Me Gusta:
    Unete a BMW FAQ Club Unete a BMW FAQ Club Unete a BMW FAQ Club
    Te va a dar la risa pero....Obus-Autopista.
  3. Caneco

    Caneco Clan Leader Coordinador

    5 Abr 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A Guarda
    metallica - fuel
  4. Caneco

    Caneco Clan Leader Coordinador

    5 Abr 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A Guarda
  5. McClane

    McClane Moderador Informática Moderador Miembro del Club

    20 Jul 2006
    Me Gusta:
    Getafe Madrid
    2 E30, 1 E39
    ¿Es Guns and roses - Highway to hell? Es que no me acuerdo...
  6. Romasanta99

    Romasanta99 Forista

    4 Sep 2005
    Me Gusta:
    No, esa cancion es de AC/DC
  7. McClane

    McClane Moderador Informática Moderador Miembro del Club

    20 Jul 2006
    Me Gusta:
    Getafe Madrid
    2 E30, 1 E39
    No estoy muy centrado en estas músicas :LOL:

    ACDC - Highway to hell... Listo! :wink:
  8. salva122

    salva122 Guest

    Deep Purple...highway Star
  9. Javisport

    Javisport En Practicas

    8 Jun 2005
    Me Gusta:
  10. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    Oño, pues ya empezando porque había un grupo llamado "Cars".....pasando por:

    Loquillo - Yo para ser feliz quiero un camión.
    Queen - I am in love with my car (en el disco de una noche en la ópera).
  11. jaimeroquay

    jaimeroquay Forista

    27 Ene 2006
    Me Gusta:
    X3 2.0D
  12. Gus

    Gus Tali-bahn Administrador Coordinador

    28 Ene 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A 1800 kms del Ring
    Mi carro me lo robaron _> Manolo EscoBMWar :D
  13. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    Celine Dion - I drove all night (Conduje toda la noche)
  14. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    Cars - Drive
    Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi
  15. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    ¿puedo meter a Estopa por "Cómo Camaron"?

    Lo digo por el Merchy nuevo de Strap ;-)
  16. Gus

    Gus Tali-bahn Administrador Coordinador

    28 Ene 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A 1800 kms del Ring
    Si :D Y si no por la del piñazo con el Panda :D
  17. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    También, también. ;-)

    ¿no hay un grupo que se llama Los Fabulosos Cádillacs?
  18. Gus

    Gus Tali-bahn Administrador Coordinador

    28 Ene 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A 1800 kms del Ring
    Argentinos, muy recomendables ;-)
    Loquillo no tiene alguna canción de "su" cadillac?
  19. jaimeroquay

    jaimeroquay Forista

    27 Ene 2006
    Me Gusta:
    X3 2.0D
    loquillo - el cadillac solitario buenisísima
  20. salva122

    salva122 Guest

    Roxette - Sleeping In My Car

    John Travolta & Olivia Newton John -Grease
  21. Gus

    Gus Tali-bahn Administrador Coordinador

    28 Ene 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A 1800 kms del Ring
    Grease lightnin´, si, es verdad ;-)
  22. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    Parece ser que hay una lista anglosajona al respecto... sin aportaciones cañís, claro ;-)

    #3 Doors Down:"I Feel You"
    "The Road I'm On"4Runner:"Heart With 4-Wheel Drive"709:"One Way Highway"AAC/DC:"Highway to Hell"Mick Abrahams:"Greyhound Bus"Accept:"Midnight Highway"Roy Acuff"Wreck on the Highway"Tina Adair"How Many Roads"Bryan Adams"Open Road"Trace Adkins:"Nothing But Taillights"Aerosmith:"On The Road Again"Rhett Akins"Too Much Texas"
    Alabama:"Dixie Land Delight"
    "Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)" The Alarm"The Road"Gary Allen:"Don't Tell Momma"
    "Highway Junkie"Terry Allen:"Amarillo Highway"
    "The Night Café"
    "Roll Truck Roll"
    "Wolfman of Del Rio"Alliotta Haynes & Jeremiah:"Lake Shore Drive"Allman Brothers:"Brothers of the Road"
    "Midnight Rider"
    "Ramblin' Man"Herb Alpert:"Route 101"America:"Ventura Highway"Tori Amos"Some Sorta Fairytail"American Music Club:"Highway 5"John Anderson:"Wish I Could Have Been There"Marc Antoine:"P.C.H. - Pacific Coast Highway"Asleep at the Wheel:"T-U-L-S-A Straight Ahead"The Ataris:"Boys of Summer"Atlanta Rhythm Section:"Hitch-hikers' Hero"Audioslave:"I Am The Highway"Sherrie Austin:"Drivin' Into the Sun"Austin Lounge Lizards:"Half a Man"
    "Hey, Little Minivan"
    "Rocky Byways"Hoyt Axton:"Endless Road"
    "Everybody's Going on the Road"
    "Gotta Keep Rollin'"BB-52's"Love Shack"Bachman-Turner Overdrive:"Down the Road"
    "Roll On Down the Highway"Bad Company:"Clearwater Highway"
    "Down, Down, Down"Badlands:"Voodoo Highway"David Ball:"Riding With Private Malone"Marcia Ball:"Down The Road"
    "Route 66"The Band:"Endless Highway"
    "This Wheel's on Fire" Bobby Bare:"Countin' the Hours, Countin' the Days"
    "Ride Me Down Easy"
    "Truck Driver, Trick Driver"
    "World's Last Truck Drivin' Man"Johnnie Bassett and The Blues Insurgents:"Cadillac Blues"Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash:"1970 Monte Carlo"
    "440 Horses"
    "Interstate Cannonball"
    "No Easy Road"
    "The Road to Bakersfield"
    "Truckstop in La Grange"
    "Walk Alone"
    "Wind It Up" The Beach Boys:"Honkin' Down the Highway"
    "I Get Around""
    "Long Promised Road"
    "Still Cruisin'"Bears:"Highway 2"The Beat Farmers:"Big Ugly Wheels"
    "Blue Chevrolet"
    "Buy Me a Car"
    "Make it Last"The Beatles:"Long and Winding Road"
    "Penny Lane"
    "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?"Jeff Beck:"Freeway Jam"The Bee Gees:"Road to Alaska"Bellamy Brothers:"Highway 2-18"The Bellyachers:"Death Valley"
    "Lone Trucker"
    "You & Me & the Highway"
    "We Blamed Nashville"Dierks Bentley:"Cab of My Truck"
    "Every Mile a Memory"
    "Free and Easy Down the Road I Go"
    "Modern Day Drifter"
    "What Was I Thinkin'"Pete Benz:"Back and Forth to Fort Worth"Chuck Berry:"Back in the U.S.A."
    "No Particular Place to Go"
    "Promised Land"
    "You Can't Catch Me"John Berry:"Kiss Me in the Car"Richard "Dickie" Betts:"Back on the Road Again"
    "Highway Call"
    "Long Time Gone"Big Country"Birmingham"
    "Driving To Damascus"Elvin Bishop:"Juke Joint Jump"
    "Rollin' Home"Clint Black:"Nothin' But The Taillights"Frank Black:"Modern Age"
    "Velvety"Blackfoot:"Highway Song"
    "Road Fever"
    "Spendin' Cabbage"Black Sabbath:"Hard Road"Rory Block:"Gone Again"Bloodwyn Pig:"Drive Me"Blood Sweat and Tears:"Spinning Wheel"Blue Highway"It's a Long, Long Road"
    "Ridin' the Danville Pike"Blue Oyster Cult:"Feel The Thunder"
    "The Last Days of May"
    BlueRidge:"Highway Bound"Bon Jovi:"Bells of Freedom"
    "Wanted Dead or Alive"James Booker:"One for the Highway"Suzy Bogguss:"Drive South"
    "Give Me Some Wheels"
    "Yellow River Road"Boston:"Don't Look Back"
    "Long Time" Bottle Rockets:"Cross by the Highway"
    "Gas Girl"
    "Headed for the Ditch"
    "Manhattan Countryside"
    "Rural Route
    " Ronnie Bowman:"Four Wheel Drive"Boy Howdy:"Justine"
    "Thanks for the Ride"Jim Boyd:"Powwow Highway 49"BR549:"No Train to Memphis"
    "Tangled in the Pines"Billy Bragg:"A-13 Trunk Road to the Sea"
    "Highway of Love"Michelle Branch:"Breathe"Bread:"Long Time"
    "Truckin"The Breeders:"Drivin' on 9"Brewer and Shipley:"Blue Highway"
    "Tarkio Road"Bright Eyes:"Another Travelin' Song"David Bromberg:"New Lee Highway Blues"The Brooklyn Cowboys:"Headin' for Home"
    "Hey Juanica"
    "Trick Ponies"Brooks and Dunn:"Go West"
    "Her West Was Wilder"
    "Independent Trucker"
    "Red Dirt Road"
    "She Was Born to Run"
    "White Line Casanova"
    Garth Brooks:"Beer Run"
    "Callin' Baton Rouge"
    "Much Too Young (To feel this Damn old)"
    "Thicker Than Blood"
    "The Thunder Rolls"
    "Why Ain't I Running"
    Big Bill Broonzy:"Lonesome Road Blues"Marc Broussard:"Home"Jackson Browne:"I'm Alive"
    "Nothing But Time"
    "The Pretender"
    "The Road"
    "The Road and the Sky"
    "Running on Empty"
    "Shaky-Town"Junior Brown:"Broke Down South of Dallas"
    "Highway Patrol"
    "Long Walk Back to San Antone"
    "Too Many Nights in a Roadhouse"Lindsay Buckingham:"Holiday Road"Norton Buffalo:"Eighteen Wheels"
    "King of the Highway"Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers:"Highway Bound"Buffalo Springfield:"For What It's Worth"Jimmy Buffett"Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season"Cindy Bullens:"7 Days"
    "Driving My Heart Around"
    "Jellico Highway"Ed Burleson"Heart Break Highway"Billy Burnette:"Highway of Love"
    "Let's Take a Drive"Eddie "Guitar" Burns:"New Highway 61"Sam Butera and the Witnesses:"Highway 101"Paul Butterfield:"Highway 28"
    "Rule the Road"The Byrds:"B. B. Class Road"CCake:"Commanche"
    "Long Line of Cars" J. J. Cale:"Call Me The Breeze"J. J. Cale and Eric Clapton:"Dead End Road"
    Canned Heat:"On the Road Again"Jim Capaldi:"Dancing on the Highway"Tony Carey:"Blue Highway"Belinda Carlisle:"Emotional Highway"Mary Chapin Carpenter:"Down at the Twist and Shout"
    "Read My Lips"
    "A Road is Just a Road"
    "Stones in the Road"The Cars:"It's All Gonna Happen to You"Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar:"Highway 80 (She's a Mighty Good Road)"Johnny Cash:"Cisco Clifton's Filling Station"
    "Hit The Road & Go"
    "I've Been Everywhere" Tommy Castro Band:"Dirt Road Blues"
    "Take Me Off The Road"
    "Take The Highway Down"Cat Mother:"Roll Wheels Roll"Harry Chapin:"30,000 Pounds of Bananas"
    "Greyhound"Marshall Chapman:"Leaving Loachapoka"Dusty Chaps:"Don't Haul Bricks on 66"Ray Charles:"Hit The Road, Jack"Charlie Daniels Band:"Passing Lane"
    "Uneasy Rider"Chatham County Line:"Route 23"The Cheers:"Black Denim Trousers"Kenny Chesney:"Outta Here"
    "The Road and the Radio"Mark Chesnutt:"I Just Wanted You To Know"June Christy:"A Mile Down the Highway"Cinderella:"Gypsy Road"Citizen Cope"Son's Gonna Rise"Eric Clapton:"Give Me Strength"
    "Lonesome and a Long Way From Home"
    "Slow Down Linda"
    "Steady Rollin' Man"
    "Tulsa Time"The Clarks:"Hell on Wheels"
    Terri Clark:"A Little Gasoline"
    "Is Fort Worth Worth It"Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers:"Beautiful Disaster"
    "Heaven or the Highway Out of Town"
    "Interstate"Corbin-Hanner:"Concrete Cowboy"Tom Cochrane:"Life is a Highway"David Allan Coe:"The Ride"Marc Cohn:"Providence"
    "Silver Thunderbird"
    "Stranger in a Car"The Collins Kids:"Hot Rod"Shawn Colvin:"There's a Rugged Road"Commander Cody and
    his Lost Planet Airmen:"Hot Rod Lincoln"
    "Looking at the World Through a Windshield"
    "Mama Hated Diesels"
    "Truck Stop Rock" Confederate Railroad:"Notorious"Don Conley:"Blue Highway"Joanna Conner:"Living on the Road"Consumer Rapport:"Ease on Down the Road"Continental Drifters:"Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway"
    "Highway of the Saints"Alice Cooper:"Slick Black Limousine"Cowboy Junkies"200 More Miles"
    Susan Cowsill:"I Know You Know (Love)"
    "Just Believe It"Cravin' Dogs:"Roadtrip"
    Robert Cray:"The Price I Pay"Cream:"Crossroads"
    "I Feel Free"Creedence Clearwater Revival:"Commotion"
    "Ramble Tamble"
    "Side O' the Road"
    "Sweet Hitchhiker"
    "Up Around The Bend"Jim Croce:"Big Wheel"
    "I Got a Name"
    "Speedball Tucker" Cross Canadian Ragweed"42 Miles"
    "Highway 377"
    Sheryl Crow:"All I Wanna Do"
    "Diamond Road"
    "Everyday is a Winding Road"
    "I Know Why"
    "Maybe Angels" Rodney Crowell:"Don't Let You Feet Slow You Down"
    "Glascow Girl"
    "Highway 17"
    "I Walk the Line (Revised)"
    "Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight"
    "Long and Lonesome Highway"
    "Many a Long and Lonesome Highway"
    "Telephone road"Shannon Curfman:"I'm Coming Home"Dick Curless:"A Tombstone Every Mile"Billy Currington:"I Got a Feelin'"Mary Cutrufello:"The Long Red Line"DDaughters of Albion:"Well Wired"Jimmy Dawkins:"Highway Man"Terry Dearmore:"Ballad of Interstate 75"Debbie Davies and Tab Benoit
    and Kenny Neal:"Homesick for the Road"Deep Purple:"Drifter"
    "Highway Star" Deja Vu:"Two Lane Highway"Delaney and Bonnie:"Comin' Home"
    "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad"
    "Living on the Open Road"
    "Lonesome & a Long Way From Home"
    "Long Road Ahead"John Denver:"Back Home Again"
    "Take Me Home, Country Roads" Clayton Denwood:"Down the Road and Gone"
    "Only Just Begun"
    "Sunset on the Highway" Depeche Mode:"Behind the Wheel"
    "Route 66"Rick Derringer:"Driving Sideways"Claude Diamond:"Highway of Life"
    "North of Exit 10"Neil Diamond:"Blue Highway"
    "Brooklyn Roads"Diamond Rio:"Meet in the Middle"Joe Diffie:"95 South"
    "Highways and Heartaches"
    "Pickup Man"
    "Road Hawg"
    "The Road Not Taken"
    "Twisty River Bridge" Dio:"Strange Highways"Dion:"Drive All Night"Dire Straits:"The Long Highway"
    "Telegraph Road"Dirty Lucy"Ride"
    The Ditty Bops:"Get Up and Go"
    "Moon Over the Freeway"Dixie Chicks"The Long Way Around"John Doe:"Hwy. 5"Doobie Brothers:"Another Park Another Sunday"
    "Divided Highway"
    "Don't Stop to Watch the Wheels"
    "Road Angel"
    "Rockin' Down the Highway"
    "Take Me to the Highway"
    "Travelin' Man"The Doors:"Cars Hiss By My Window"
    "Dawn's Highway"
    "The End"
    "The Hitchhiker"
    "LA Woman"
    "Queen of the Highway"
    "Riders on the Storm"
    "Roadhouse Blues"Double Trouble (Chris Layton/Tommy Shannon): "Groundhog Day"Drive-By Truckers:"72 (This Highway's Mean)"
    "Days of Graduation"
    "Plastic Flowers on the Highway"Drivin' and Cryin':"Malfunction Junction"Dave Dudley:"Truck Drivin' Son-of-Gun"
    "Trucker's Prayer"Durango Brothers:"The Ride"Bob Dylan:"Black Crow Blues"
    "Dirt Road Blues"
    "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"
    "Down the Highway"
    "Endless Highway"
    "Guess I'm Doin' Fine"
    "Gypsy Lou"
    "Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall"
    "He Was a Friend of Mine
    "High Water (For Charley Patton)"
    "Highway 51"
    "Highway 61 Revisited"
    "Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance"
    "Motorpsycho Nightmare"
    "Playboys and Playgirls"
    "Rocks and Gravel"
    "Standing on the Highway"
    "Sugar Baby"
    "Tangled Up in Blue"
    "Tomorrow is a Long Time"
    "Tough Mama"
    "Where Are You Tonight?"
    EThe Eagles:"Hotel California"
    "Life in the Fast Lane"
    "Ol' 55"
    "Outlaw Man"
    "Seven Bridges Road"
    "Take It Easy"
    "Take It to the Limit"Fred Eaglesmith:"Water In The Fuel"Steve Earle:"Another Town"
    "Breakdown Lane"
    "Continental Trailways Blues"
    "Copperhead Road"
    "Down the Road"
    "Guitar Town"
    "Hillbilly Highway"
    "I Feel Alright"
    "Little Rock 'n' Roller"
    "Nowhere Road"
    "The Other Kind"
    "Steve's Last Ramble"
    "Sweet Little '66"
    "Telephone Road"
    "This Highway's Mine"
    "Transcendental Blues"
    "The Week of Living Dangerously"
    "When I Fall" Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band:"Leroy's Dustbowl Blues"
    "Long, Lonesome Highway"
    "Pilgrim"John Eddie:"If You're Here When I Get Back"Duane Eddy:"40 Miles of Bad Road" (instrumental)Dave Edmunds:"Crawling From the Wreckage"
    "Dear Dad"Kathleen Edwards:"Away"
    "Somewhere Else"Walter Egan:"Blonde in the Blue T-Bird"
    "Drive Away"
    "Surfin' & Drivin"
    "When I Get My Wheels" Jason Eklund"What's Left of 66"Katrina Elam:"Flowers By The Side of the Road"Darryl & Dion Ellis:"Goodbye Highway"Tinsley Ellis:"Highwayman"
    "Still In The Game"Joe Ely:"25 Miles"
    "95 South"
    "Highways and Heartaches"
    "Lord of the Highway"
    "The Road Goes On Forever"Billy Emerson:"Every Woman I Know"Tommy Emmanuel:"Endless Road (instrumental)"England Dan and John Ford Coley: "Dowdy Ferry Road"
    "New Jersey"John Entwistle:"Roller Skate Kate"Sara Evans:"Backseat of a Greyhound Bus"Eve 6:"Open Road Song"FDonald Fagen:"Maxine"
    "Trans-Island Skyway"Fanny:"Long Road Home"
    "Seven Roads"Fastball:"Nowhere Road"
    "The Way"Jay Ferguson:"Love at the Red Light"The Firm:"Satisfaction Guaranteed"Rosie Flores:"Bandera Highway"
    "Blue Highway"Flying Burrito Brothers:"Wheels"Flynville Train:"Truck Stop in the Sky"Dan Fogelberg:"Along the Road"
    "Down the Road/Mountain Pass"John Fogerty:"Hot Road Heart"
    "The Old Man Down the Road"
    "Rattlesnake Highway"
    "Swamp River Days"Foghat:"Eight Days On The Road"
    "Highway (Killing Me)"
    "Home in My Hand"
    "Road Fever"
    "Standing By"Sue Foley:"Baltimore Skyline"
    "Goin' Down The Road Again"
    "New Roads"
    "You Don't Have to Go"Robben Ford:"Rugged Road"Foreigner:"Rev on the Red Line"
    Fountains of Wayne:"Little Red Light"
    "Sink to the Bottom"
    "Survival Car"
    "Utopia Parkway"
    "The Valley of Malls"
    "Valley Winter Song"Four Bitchin' Babes:"Chevy Impala"
    "Wild Berries"Aretha Franklin:"Freeway of Love"Free:"Carry That Load"
    "Highway Song"Ace Frehley:"Speedin' Back to My Baby"Kinky Friedman:"Highway Cafe"David Frizzell and Shelly West:"You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma"Front Porch String Band:"Home Folks"
    GG. Love and Special Sauce:"I-76"Peter Gabriel:"Mercy Street"Rory Gallagher:"Ride On Red, Ride On"Judy Garland:"Follow the Yellow Brick Road"Danny Gatton"Truck Drivin' Romance"Marvin Gaye:"Hitch Hike"Montgomery Gentry"Speed"Georgia Satellites"Dan Takes Five"
    "Red Light"
    "Railroad Steel"The Gibson Brothers:"The Open Road"Eliza Gilkyson:"Flatline"
    "Hiway 9"Gist:"On the Road"Gin Blossoms:"Allison Road"Dana Glover:"Rain"Golden Earring:"Radar Love"Matthew Good"Empty Road"
    "Hopeless"Steve Goodman:"Rainbow Road"
    "Turnpike Tom"The Gourds:"El Paso"Grandsons:"Trouble on the Turnpike"Eddie Grant:"Electric Avenue"Grateful Dead:"The Golden Road"
    "On The Road Again"
    "Shakedown Street"Claude Gray:"How Fast Them Trucks Can Go"Grayson and Whittier:"Going Down Lee Highway"Great White:"Highway Nights"Keith Green:"Run to The End of The Highway"Pat Green:"Carry On"
    "Southbound 35"
    "Threadbare Gypsy Soul"
    "Whiskey"Greenday"Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
    "Time of Your Life"Jack Greene:"California Turn-Arounds"Lee Greenwood:"Dixie Road"Nanci Griffith:"Brave Companion of the Road"
    "Ford Econoline"
    "Gulf Coast Highway"
    "I'm Not Driving These Wheels"
    "Montana Back Roads"
    "Shaking Out The Snow"Lyle Gudmunsen"My Wonderful Car"The Guess Who:"One Way Road to Hell"
    "Road Food"Guided By Voices:"Driving In The US OF A"
    "Motor Away"Arlo Guthrie:"Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad"
    "Running Down the Road"
    "The Motorcycle Song"Woody Guthrie:"Hard Travellin'"HSammy Hagar:"Bad Motor Scooter"
    "Halfway to Memphis"
    "I Can't Drive 55"
    "Let Sally Drive"
    "Trans AM (Highway Wonderland)" Merle Haggard:"Long Black Limousine"
    "I'm a Lonesome Fugitive"
    "Movin' On"
    "Ramblin' Fever"
    "Too Many Highways"
    "Truck Drivers' Blues"
    "White Line Fever" Tom T. Hall:"A Week In Country Jail"
    "The Hitchhiker" Tom Hambridge"Road Trip"Hammell on Trial:"95 South"Wayne Hancock:"Highway 54"Emmylou Harris:"Boulder to Birmingham"Tiny Harris:"Endless Black Ribbon George Harrison:"It's What You Value"PJ Harvey:"Driving"The Hawks"Bessie Smith"Colin Hay:"Transcendental Highway"Hayden:"Dynamite Walls"Head East:"Love Me Now"Heatmiser:"Blue Highway"Jimi Hendrix:"Crosstown Traffic"
    "E-Z Rider"
    "Highway Chile"Don Henley:"Boys of Summer"John Hiatt & the Goners:"Circle Back"
    "Fly Back Home"Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks"Caught in the Rain"
    "Reelin' Down"
    "Traffic Jam"
    "Where's the Money?"Highway 101:"Big City Bound"Highwaymen:"Highwaymen"
    "True Love Travels On A Gravel Road"Faith Hill:"Go The Distance"Chris Hillman:"Hot Dusty Roads"
    "Running the Roadblocks"Michael Hill's Blues Mob:"Heat on the Highway"The Hollies"Long Dark Road"Hollywood Blue Flames:"Road to Rio"John Lee Hooker:"Goin' Down Highway 51"
    "Highway 13"Nicky Hopkins:"Speed On"Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins:"Highway Blues"
    "Ride in Your New Automobile"Bruce Hornsby:"The Changes"
    "Cruise Control"
    "Down the Road Tonight"
    "The Road Not Taken"
    "The Valley Road"
    "The Wild Frontier"
    Johnny Horton:"I'm Coming Home"Hot Tuna:"Highway Song"Howlin' Wolf:"Cadillac Daddy (Mr. Highway Man)"
    "Highway 49"Bill Hudson:"Faded Taillights"
    "Song For The Thunder"
    "The 81 Song"Long John Hunter:"Ride With Me"IIda:"95 North"Billy Idol:"Blue Highway"Indigo Girls:"Chickenman"
    "Country Road"
    "Southbound in the Springtime"
    "Three County Highway"Chris Isaak:"Blue Hotel"
    "Gone Ridin'"
    "Kings of the Highway"JJ. Geils Band:"Hard Driving Man"Jackie Brenston & the Delta Cats:"Rocket 88"Alan Jackson:"Chattahoochie"
    "Drive (For Daddy Gene)"
    "Job Description"
    "Mercury Blues"
    "Where I Come From (A Trucker's Lament)"Steve James:"66 Highway Blues"Jan and Dean:"Dean Man's Curve"
    "Freeway Flyer"Bert Jansch:"Going Home'"
    "In My Mind"
    "Open Road"
    "People On The Highway"
    "Rambling's Going To Be The Death of Me"
    "Strolling Down the Highway"
    "Walking This Road" Jason and the Scorchers:"Ocean of Doubt"Jeff Beck Group:"Highways"Jane Jensen:"Highway 90"Shooter Jennings"Steady at the Wheel"Waylon Jennings:"Drinkin' & Dreamin'"Billy Joel:"Close to the Borderline"
    "New York State of Mind"
    "You're My Home"Elton John:"Blues for My Baby and Me"
    "Cold Highway"
    "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
    "Tiny Dancer"Sammy John:"Chevy Van"Carolyn Dawn Johnson:"Georgia"Mark Johnson"My Pick Up Truck"Robert Johnson:"Me and the Devil Blues"
    "Terraplane Blues"Tommy "Snake" Johnson:"Big Road Blues"George Jones:"The Bridge Washed Out"Grandpa Jones:"8 More Miles to Louisville"Janis Joplin:"Me and Bobby McGee"Louis Jordan:"Pompton Turnpike"Journey:"Dixie Highway"
    "Faithfully" Judas Priest:"Heading Out to The Highway"Junior Walker & All Stars:"(I'm a) Road Runner"KKieran Kane:"Eight More Miles"Robert Earl Keen, Jr.:"Amarillo Highway"
    "The Armadillo Jackal"
    "Daddy Had a Buick"
    "Hello New Orleans"
    "The Road Goes on Forever"
    "Runnin' With The Night"
    "Swervin' In My Lane" Paul Kelly:"Crosstown"
    "Foggy Highway"
    "Forty Miles To Saturday Night"
    "Pastures of Plenty"
    "They Thought I Was Asleep"
    Pete Kennedy:"Highway 10" (album)
    "She Rolled Through the Night"The Kennedys:"Fortune Teller Road"Kenny and Amanda Smith Band:"I've Traveled Down This Lonesome Road Before"Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band:"King's Highway"
    Slow RideSammy Kershaw:"Anywhere But Here"
    "Southbound"Hal Ketchum:"Mama Knows the Highways"Carole King:"Ferguson Road"
    "So Far Away"Freddie King:"Key to the Highway"
    "Living on the Highway"King Cole Trio:"Route 66"Kingdom Come:"Highway 6"The Kinks:"Aggravation"
    "Dead End Street"
    "Denmark Street"
    "Life on the Road"
    "One of the Survivors"
    "The Road"
    "Rock and Roll Cities"
    "Rush Hour Blues"
    "Red Barchetta"Bill Kirchen:"Big Mac's Off the Blocks"Kiss"Detroit Rock City"Kitchens of Distinction:"Drive That Fast"Kottonmouth Kings:"Endless Highway"Chris Knight:"Devil Behind the Wheel"
    "Highway Junkie"
    "The Jealous Kind"
    "Me and This Road"
    "Long Black Highway"
    "River Road"
    "Rural Route"
    "Too Close to Home"
    The Knitters:"Poor Little Critter on the Road"Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris"Beyond My Wildest Dreams"Randy Kohrs"Handmade Nails and Homemade Love"Kraftwerk:"Autobahn"Alison Kraus:"Endless Highway"
    "Longest Highway"
    "The Road Is A Lover"
    "Two Highways" Lenny Kravitz:"Can't Get You Off My Mind"Kris Kristofferson:"Me and Bobby McGhee"LJimmy LaFave:"The Big Wheels"
    "Blue Nightfall"
    "Bohemian Cowboy Blues"
    "Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues"
    "The Great Night"
    "This Glorious Day"
    "Gotta Ramble"
    "Long Ago With Miles Between"
    "Music From The Motor Court"
    "On A Bus to St. Cloud"
    "On the Road to Rock and Roll"
    "The Open Road"
    "The Perfect Combination"
    "Rain Falling Down"
    "Red Dirt Roads at Night"
    "River Road"
    "Route 66 Revisited"
    "Thru the Neon Night"
    "Trouble Free"
    "Valentine's Day"
    "When The Tears Fall"
    "When You Were Mine" Miranda Lambert:"Four New Strings"
    "Greyhound Bound for Nowhere"
    "Kerosene" Sonny Landreth:"Broken Hearted Road"
    "Gone Pecan"
    "The Promise Land"
    "The Road We're On"
    "South of I-10"Johnny Lang:"The Levee"Patty Larkin:"Me and That Train"
    "Rear View Mirror"
    "The Road"Last Train Home"Doughnut Girl"
    "Never Been to Memphis"Tracy Lawrence:"Find Out Who Your Friends Are"Led Zeppelin:"In the Light"
    "Out on the Tiles"
    "Stairway to Heaven"
    "Trampled Underfoot"John Lennon:"Old Dirt Road"Annie Lennox:"Pavement Cracks"The LeRoi Brothers:"Route 88"Lazy Lester:"Lonesome Highway"Let's Active:"Route 67"Gordon Lightfoot:"10 Degrees and Getting Colder"
    "Carefree Highway"
    "Hi'Way Songs"
    "Somewhere U.S.A."
    "Summertime Dream"Limp Bizkit:"My Way Or The Highway"David Lindley:"Mercury Blues"Little Feat:"Boom Box Car"
    "Changin' Luck"
    "Drivin' Blind"
    "Let it Roll"
    "Rock & Roll Every Night"
    "Those Feat'll Steer Ya Wrong"
    "Truck-Stop Girl"
    "Willin'"Little River Band:"Days on the Road"Lobo"Me And You And A Dog Named Boo"Kenny Loggins:"Danger Zone"Lonestar:"Cheater's Road"The Long Ryders:"Mason-Dixon Line"Long Train Coming:"Doughnut Girl"
    "Never Been to Memphis"
    Lonesome River Band:"Coming Home to You"
    "Rocky Road Blues"Louvin Brothers:"Cash On The Barrelhead"Love and Rockets:"I Feel Speed"
    "Motorcycle"Patty Loveless:"Nothin' But The Wheel"Lyle Lovett:"L.A. County"
    "Rollin' By"
    "West Texas Highway"Ted Lukas:"Sounded Good at the Time"Lynyrd Skynyrd:"End of the Road"
    "Roll Gypsy Roll"
    "Truck Drivin' Man"MMad Cat Trio:"2200 Miles"Cledus Maggard:"The White Knight"Maggie's Farm:"Glory Road"Taj Mahal:"Six Days on the Road"
    "Truck Driver's Two-Step"Melissa Manchester:"When I Look Down That Road"Mark David Manders:"Clovis Highway"
    "Drive"Aimee Mann:"Driving Sideways"Manfred Mann:"Davy's on the Road Again"Marcel:"Tennessee"
    "You and Me and the Windshield"Mark May and the Agitators:"Telephone Road"Mark Newton Band:"Old Dirt Road"
    Marietta:"Destination Unknown"Marshall Tucker Band:"24 Hours at a Time"
    "Take the Highway"Jimmy Martin:"Lost Highway"
    "Widow Maker"Matchbox Twenty:"Bright Lights"
    "The Difference"Kathy Mattea:"Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses"
    "True North"Milt Matthews:"Route 21"John Mayall:"Jacksboro Highway"
    "Off the Road"
    "Prisons on the Road"
    "Road Dogs"
    "Took the Car"John Mayer:"Why Georgia"Percy Mayfield:"Hit the Road, Jack"Mazzy Star:"Ghost Highway"Martina McBride:"Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road"McBride and the Ride:"Burnin' Up The Road"C. W. McCall:"Black Bear Road"
    "Four Wheel Cowboy"
    "Four Wheel Drive"
    "I've Trucked All Over This Land"
    "Long Lonesome Road"
    "Night Rider"
    "Old 30"
    "Old Home Filler-Up An' Keep on A'Truckin' Cafe"
    "Riverside Slide"
    "Round the World With the Rubber Duck"
    "Wheels of Fortune"
    "Windshield Wipers In The Rain
    "Wolf Creek Pass"Paul McCartney:"Backseat of My Car"
    "Driving Rain"
    "Helen Wheels"Delbert McClinton:"Bright Side of the Road"
    "Going Back to Louisiana"Mel McDaniels:"Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"Roger McGuinn:"American Girl"
    "Dixie Highway"
    "May the Road Rise to Meet You"
    "Southbound 95"
    "Stone (The Lord Loves a Rolling Stone)" Maria McKee:"To The Open Spaces"Don McLean:"Magdalene Lane"James McMurtry:"Broken Bed"
    "Choctaw Bingo"
    "Crazy Wind"
    "Gulf Road"
    "I'm Not From Here"
    "Memorial Day"
    "Old Part of Town"
    "Shining Eyes"
    "Too Long In The Wasteland"
    "Valley Road" Shannon McNally:"It Could've Been Me"Mississippi Fred McDowell:"61 Highway Blues"The Meat Puppets:"Get On Down"Meatloaf:"Objects In The Rearview Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Really Are" John Mellencamp:"Ghost Towns Along the Highway"
    "Freedom's Road"
    "Minutes to Memories"
    "Pink Houses"
    "Rural Route"Melwood Cutlery:"Long Lonesome Road"
    "Two Lane Highway"Tift Merritt:"Laid A Highway"
    "Your Love Made A U-Turn"Jo Dee Messina:"Bye Bye"
    "Heads Carolina, Tails California"Metallica:"Wherever I May Roam"Midnight Oil:"Gunbarrel Highway"Christina Milian:"Highway"Roger Miller"Hitch Hiker"
    "I've Been a Long Time Leavin'"
    "Trouble On The Turnpike" Steve Miller Band:"Going to Mexico"Ronnie Milsap:"Prison Of The Highway"
    "Smokey Mountain Rain"Minus the Bear:"Monkey, Knife, Fight"Joni Mitchell:"All I Want"
    "Blue Motel Room"
    "(Born to) Take the Highway"
    "Night Ride Home"
    "Raised on Robbery"
    "Refuge of the Road"
    "Take The Highway"Robert Mitchum:"Thunder Road"The Modern Lovers:"Roadrunner"Modest Mouse:"Interstate 8"
    "Truckers Atlas"Molly Hatchet:"Flirtin' With Disaster"Eddie Money:"Keep My Motor Runnin'"
    "Shakin'"John Michael Montgomery:"Four Wheel Drive"Moody Blues:"Eternity Road"Mandy Moore:"Meant for You"Mike Morgan and The Crawl:"The Road"George Morgan:"Man Behind the Wheel"Teddy Morgan:"Along the Way"Teddy Morgan and the Pistolas:"59 Cadillac"Big Bill Morganfield:"Highway 69"Van Morrison:"Ancient Highway"
    "Cyprus Avenue"
    "Down the Road"
    "Hard Nose the Highway"Mott the Hoople:"Drivin' Sister"
    "Ready For Love"Jason Mraz:"Curbside Prophet"Muddy Waters"13 Highway"Zoe Mulford:"Our Lady of the Highways"Shawn Mullins:"North on 95"
    "Yellow Dog Song"David Lee Murphy:"Dust on the Bottle"
    "The Road You Leave Behind"Michael Murphey:"Rhythm of the Road" Charlie Musslewhite:"Route 19 (Attala County, Ms.)" InstrumentalMXPX:"New York to Nowhere"
    "Southbound"NNazareth:"My White Bicycle"Tracy Nelson:"Going Back to Tennessee"
    "Got a New Truck" Willie Nelson:"On the Road Again"
    "Pancho and Lefty"Nervous Norvis"Transfusion"Michael Nesmith:"Highway 99 With Melange"Randy Newman:"I Love LA"New Order"60 Miles An Hour"
    "Krafty (Sitting In A Car And Driving Down The Road)"New Riders of the Purple Sage:"Louisiana Lady"
    "Henry"New York Rock Ensemble:"Running Down the Highway"Stevie Nicks:"The Highwayman"Harry Nilsson:"Driving Along"Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band & Friends:"The Broken Road"
    "Cadillac Ranch"
    "Down The Road"
    "Down That Road Tonight"
    "Keepin' the Road Hot"
    "Let It Roll"
    "Long Hard Road (The Sharecropper's Dream)"
    "Lost Highway"
    "Wreck on the Highway" Don Nix:"Like a Road Leading Home"
    "On The Road Again" No Evil"Bumper to Bumper"North Mississippi Allstars:"51 Phantom"
    "Freedom Highway"North Star Band:"On the Road"NRBQ:"Get That Gasoline Blues"
    "Ridin' In My Car"Gary P. Nunn:"Road Trip"
    "Tennessee Road"OO.A.R.:"About an Hour Ago (The Gas Was Low)"
    "Someone in the Road"Tim O'Brien/Dan Tyminski:"Look Down That Lonesome Road"Danny O'Keefe:"The Road"Olde Crow Medicine Show:"Wagon Wheel"Omar and the Howlers:"Mississippi Mud"
    "Muddy Springs Road"
    "That's Just My Life"
    "White Crosses"Roy Orbison"I Drove All Night"Ozzy Osborne:"Road to Nowhere"Paul Overstreet:"Seein' My Father In Me"The Outlaws:"Breaker Breaker"Buck Owens:"Truck Drivin' Man"Ozark Mountain Daredevils:"Walking Down the Road"PBrad Paisley:"Mud On The Tires"Graham Parker:"Blue Highways"
    "Crawling From the Wreckage (Revisited)"
    "Cruel Lips"Michael Parks;"Long Lonesome Highway"Lee Roy Parnell:"Crossin' Over"
    "Guardian Angel"
    "On The Road"
    "South by Southwest"Gram Parsons:"Return of the Grievous Angel"Dolly Parton:"9 to 5"The Partridge Family:"Morning Rider on the Road"Johhny Paycheck:"Drinkin'&Drivin"Pearl Jam:"Last Kiss"
    "Rearviewmirrow"Jefferson Pepper:"Interstate Highway"
    Bill Perry:"80 West"
    "Heaven in a Pontiac"Tom Petty:"American Girl"
    "Free Fallin"
    "Kings Highway"
    "Kings Road"
    "Love is a Long Road"
    "Night Driver"
    "Runnin' Down a Dream"
    "Turn This Car Around"Phantom Planet:"California"John Phillips:"Holland Tunnel"Phish"Contact"Robert Plant:"Big Log"
    "One More Cup of Coffee"
    The Pointer Sisters:"River Boulevard"Iggy Pop:"Highway Song"Kalan Porter:"How Many Roads"Possum Hunters:"Death on Lee Highway"The Presidents Of The United States Of America:"Highway Forever"Elvis Presley:"Kentucky Rain"
    "Long Lonely Highway"Lisa Marie Presley:"Lights Out"The Pretenders:"Middle of the Road"Charlie Pride:"Is Anybody Going to San Antone"Prince:"Alphabet Street"
    "Lady Cab Driver"The Proclaimers:"Hit the Highway"Procul Harem:"An Old English Area"Pure Prairie League:"I'll Fix Your Flat Tire, Merle"
    "Two-Lane Highway"QQueen:"Bicycle Race"
    "I'm In Love With My Car"Quiet Riot:"Slick Black Cadillac"REddie Rabbit:"Driving My Life Away"Radio Birdman:"I-94"Gerry Rafferty:"A Dangerous Age"
    "Days Gone Down (Still Got the Light in Your Eyes)"
    "The Right Moment"
    "Steamboat Row"Railroad Jerk:"Highway 80"Rainbow:"Death Alley Driver"Bonnie Raitt:"Big Road"
    "Green Light"
    "The Road's My Middle Name"
    "Slow Ride"Rascal Flats"Bless the Broken Road"
    "Break Away"
    "Fast Cars and Freedom"
    "You"Chris Rea:"Driving Home for Christmas"
    "Road to Hell"
    "Stony Road"
    "Two Roads"Collin Raye;"All My Roads"
    "Any Old Stretch of Blacktop"
    Reckless Kelly:"Baby's Got a Whole Lot More"Red Dirt Rangers:"Arizona State Line"
    "Used To Be"Red Hot Chili Peppers:"Road Trippin'"Jerry Reed:"East Bound and Down"
    "Texas Bound and Flyin'"Del Reeves:"Girl on a Billboard"
    "Looking at the World Through a Windshield"The Refreshments:"Heaven Or The Highway Out Of Town"Lou Reid and Carolina"Last Road Going Home"Mike Reid:"Keep on Walkin'"
    "This Road"Renaissance:"The Great Highway"(Don) Reno and (Red) Smiley:"Lee Highway"Don Wayne Reno"Interstate 81" (instrumental)REO Speedwagon:"Back On The Road Again"Restless Heart:"Wheels"Alan Rhody:"The Mother Road"Rice, Rice, Hillman, and Pedersen:"Lord Won't You Help Me"
    "Somewhere on the Road Tonight"
    "Two of a Kind"Jonathan Richman:"Stop This Car"Nelson Riddle:"Theme From Route 66 (instrumental)"Stan Ridgway:"Down The Coast Highway"
    "Highway Song"Amy Rigby:"Here We Go Again"
    "Til The Wheels Fall Off"
    "Time For Me to Come Down"
    Don Rigsby"Little White Cross Out On Highway 13"The Road Hammers:"Call It A Day"
    "Girl on the Billboard"
    "Hammer Goin' Down"
    "I'm a Road Hammer"
    "Keep on Truckin'"
    "Overdrive"Terry Robb:"Darkest Road I'm Told (61 Highway)"Jason Roberts:"T-U-L-S-A Straight Ahead"Julie Roberts"Break Down Here"Sam Roberts:"Hard Road"
    "Where Have All The Good People Gone?"Rockin' Jake:"Hit the Highway"Kenny Rogers:"I Can't Unlove You"Stan Rogers:"Canol Road"The Rolling Stones:"Down the Road Apiece"
    "Driving Too Fast"
    "Get Your Kicks (on Route 66)"
    "I'm Gonna Drive"
    "Jiving Sister Fanny"
    "Prodigal Son"Todd Rundgren:"Emperor of The Highway"Rush:"Dreamline"
    "Red Barchetta"Tom Rush:"On the Road Again"
    "Wrong End of the Rainbow"Leon Russell:"End of the Road"
    "Truck Drivin' Man"Deric Ruttan"Take the Wheel"
    SSailcat:"Motorcycle Mama"Sawyer Brown:"Another Mile"
    "The Boys and Me"
    "Burnin'Bridges (On A Rocky Road)"
    "The Dirt Road"
    "Drive Away"
    "Drive Me Wild"
    "Heartbreak Highway"
    "I Kept My Motor Runnin"
    "Six Days on the Road"Saying:"shift to low gear, a fifty dollar fine my friend."Says:"United States Marines"Patti Scialfa:"State of Grace"Scott Miller and the Commonwealth: "8 Miles a Gallon"
    "The Only Road"
    "Pull Your Load"
    "Red Ball Express"
    "The Way"Seals and Crofts:"Ridin' Thumb"Secret Machines:"The Road Leads Where It's Led"Bob Seger:"Against the Wind"
    "Even Now"
    "Face the Promise"
    "Get Out of Denver"
    "Hollywood Nights"
    "Main Street"
    "Nutbush City Limits"
    "Roll Me Away"
    "Travelin' Man"
    "Turn The Page"
    "Wait For Me"
    Kevin Sharp:"Love at The End of the Road"Billy Joe Shaver:"The Road"Eddie Shaw:"Highway 61 Bound"SheDAISY:"23 Days"
    "Passenger Seat"
    Blake Shelton:"Asphalt Cowboy"
    "Some Beach"Shonen Knife"Cycling is Fun"Dinah Shore:"See the USA in Your Chevrolet"Shel Silverstein"Don't Go To Sleep on The Road"Simon and Garfunkel:"America"
    "Baby Driver"
    Paul Simon:"Papa Hobo"
    "Trailways Bus"Red Simpson:"I'm A Truck"
    "Roll, Truck, Roll"Sir Douglas Quintet:"Tortilla Flats"Sirius:"Many Roads"Ricky Skaggs:"Highway 40 Blues"
    "One-Way Rider"Smash Mouth:"Pacific Coast Party"Bessie Smith:"Long Road"Elliott Smith:"Blue Highway"The Smiths"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"Todd Snider:"Back to the Crossroads"
    "Forty Five Miles"Sniff & The Tears"On the Road"Hank Snow"Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street)"Social Distortion:"Highway 101"Son Volt:"Afterglow 61"
    "Tear Stained Eye"
    "Ten Second News"
    "Too Early"
    "Windfall"Sonic Youth:"Pacific Coast Highway"Soul Survivors:"Expressway to Your Heart"Southern Culture on the Skids:"40 Miles to Vegas"
    "'69 El Camino"Southern Pacific:"Any Way the Wind Blows"
    "Bail Out"
    "Midnight Highway"
    "A New Shade of Blue"
    "Reno Bound"
    "Wheels on the Line"Red Sovine:"Bringing Mary Home"
    "Freightliner Fever"
    "Gear Jammer and the Hobo"
    "GiddyUp Go"
    "Phanton 309"
    "Teddy Bear" Red Sovine & Jean Shepard:"Jackson"Space Ghost:"Highway 40 Unplugged"Spin Doctors:"Freeway of the Plains"
    "Someday All This Will Be Road"Bruce Springsteen:"Born to Run"
    "Cadillac Ranch"
    "Darlington County"
    "Further on up the Road"
    "Highway 29"
    "Highway Patrolman"
    "New Jersey is My Home"
    "Open All Night"
    "Pink Cadillac"
    "Racing in the Street"
    "Spirit in the Sky"
    "State Trooper"
    "Streets of Philadelphia"
    "Thunder Road"
    "Workin' on the Highway"
    "Wreck on the Highway"
    "Two For The Road"
    "Valentine's Day"Max Stalling:"Green Lights"
    "I-35"Chris Stamey:"Ride"Joe Stampley:"Roll On Big Mama"Edwin Starr:"25 Miles"George Strait"Amarillo By Morning"Steely Dan:"Midnight Cruiser"Steppenwolf:"Berry Rides Again"
    "Born to be Wild"
    "Get Into The Wind"
    "Who Needs Ya'?"Cat Stevens:"On the Road to Find Out"Rod Stewart:"Gasoline Alley"
    "Hard Road"
    "So Far Away"Steven Stills and Manassas:"Down the Road"
    "Do You Remember the Americans"
    "Hitchhiker"Stone Temple Pilots:"Interstate Love Song"George Strait:"Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye"
    "Carrying Your Love With Me"
    "The Road Less Traveled"Straylight Run:"Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway)"Angela Strehli:"Blue Highway"String Cheese Incident:"Good Times Around The Bend"The Sugarcubes:"Motorcrash"Sugarcult:"Back To California"Sugarland:"Something More"Sunnyland Slim:"Hit the Road Again"Doug Supernaw:"Red And Rio Grande"
    "State Fair" Roosevelt Sykes:"North Gulfport Boogie"System of a Down:"Highway Song"TTalking Heads:"And She Was"
    "Road to Nowhere"James Taylor:"Brother Trucker"
    "Country Road"
    "Highway Song"
    "Let Me Ride"
    "Limousine Driver"
    "My Traveling Star"
    "October Road"
    "Promised Land"
    "Sweet Baby James"
    "That Lonesome Road"
    "Traffic Jam"Livingston Taylor:"Truck Driving Man"Mick Taylor"Alabama"Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers:"Drive to Survive"Jimmy Thackery w/the Cate Bros.:"Out of Mississippi"Richard Thompson:"1952 Vincent Black Lightning"George Thorogood:"Blue Highways"
    "Gear Jammer"Pam Tillis"The River and the Highway"Aaron Tippin:"There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio"Tom Robinson Band:"2-4-6-8 Motorway"Michael Tomlinson:"Asphalt Dream"
    "Highway Rain"
    "One Way Through"Richard Torrance and Eureka:"Ojai Road"
    "Hard Heavy Road"The Tractors:"Run Run Rudolph"
    "Tryin' to Get to New Orleans
    "The Tragically Hip:"Highway Girl"Train:"The Highway"Randy Travis:"Highway Junkie"
    "Three Wooden Crosses"
    "Two Highways"
    "Walk Our Own Road"Travis Tritt:"Down The Road I Go"
    "It's All About The Money"
    "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde"
    "The Road Home"
    "The Road to You"
    "Start The Car"
    "Too Far To Turn Around"Walter Trout:"Highway Song"
    "Jericho Road"
    "Ride 'Till I'm Satisfied"
    Robin Trower:"Farther Up The Road"Soozie Tyrell:"Dark Clouds"
    "White Lines"UU2:"Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car"
    "Fast Cars"
    "Where the Streets Have No Name"
    "Zoo Station"UFO:"Highway Lady"Carrie Underwood:"Jesus, Take the Wheel"Keith Urban:"Days Go By"
    "Where The Blacktop Ends"
    "You'll Think of Me"
    "Who Wouldn't Wanne Be Me"Uriah Heep:"Pacific Highway"Used Cars:"Drivin' Away"
    "The Highway"VRicky Van Shelton:"Back Roads"Townes Van Zandt:"Ain't Leavin' Your Love"
    "Highway Kind"
    "White Freightliner Blues"
    "Blaze's Blues"
    "I'll Be Here In The Morning"
    "Snowin' On Raton"
    "Waitin' 'Round To Die"Gino Vanelli:"Wild Horses"Tom Vek:"Nothing But Green Lights"
    "On The Road"WThe Waifs:"Fisherman's Daughter"
    "Highway One"
    "Three Down"Loudon Wainwright:"Dead Skunk"
    "Road Ode"John Waite:"I-95"Tom Waits:"Big Joe and Phantom 309"
    "Diamonds On My Windshield"Wendy Waldman:"The Road Song"
    "When I Rode Next to You"Clay Walker:"The Chain of Love"
    "Heartache Highway"
    "Texas Swing"Django Walker:"Texas Blacktop Highway"
    "Down the Road"
    "All The Miles"Jerry Jeff Walker"L.A. Freeway"Wall of Voodoo:"On Interstate 15"
    "Lost Weekend"
    "Call of The West"War:"Tobacco Road"Steve Wariner:"Drive"
    "Drivin' and Cryin'"
    "I Let a Keeper Get Away"
    "Life's Highway"
    "Nothin' In the World (Gonna Keep Me From You)"
    "She's Crazy for Leaving"Bobby Warren:"Anywhere But Here"Dionne Warwick:"Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"Waterboys:"Ahead Down The Highway"Dale Watson:"Big Wheels Keep Rollin'"
    "Tucumari Here I Come"Johnny "Guitar" Watson:"Highway 60"The Wedding Present:"Interstate Five"Ted Weems"Highways are Happy Ways (When They Lead the Way to Home)"Tim Weisberg:"Rush Hour (Friday, P.M.)"Kevin Welch:"Willy Rogers Highway"Michael Wendroff"Now That You've Found Out"
    "On the Highway Road"Cheryl Wheeler:"Don't Forget the Guns (a.k.a. The Nelson's ride Along)"
    "Driving Home"
    "Little Road"
    "Northern Girl"
    "Rainy Road into Atlanta"White Cloud:"Rocky Roads to Clear"Whitesnake"Here I Go Again"The Who:"Goin Mobile"
    "Magic Bus "
    "Relay"Webb Wilder and the Nash Vegans:"Stay Out of Automobiles;"Wildfire;"Somewhere Down The Road"King Wilkie:"Broke Down and Lonesome"Big Joe Williams:"#13 Highway"
    "45 Blues"
    "Highway 49"Hank Williams"Lost Highway" Hank Williams Jr."Stoned at the Jukebox" Hank Williams III:"87 Southbound"Lucinda Williams:"Car Wheels on a Gravel Road"
    "Crescent City"
    "Lake Charles"
    "Side of The Road"
    "Texas"Sonny Boy Williamson:"Pontiac Blues" Willis Brothers:"Give Me Forty Acres"Mark Wills:"Prisoner of the Highway"Brian Wilson:"Desert Drive"
    "Let's Go To Heaven In My Car"Coleman M. Wilson:"Passing Zone Blues."
    "Radar Blues" Johnny Winter:"Feedback on Highway 101"
    "Rollin' 'Cross the Country"
    "Route 90"
    "Stone County"Wishbone Ash"Open Road"Lee Ann Womack:"A Little Past Little Rock"
    "A Man With Eighteen Wheels"Tommy Womack:"Sheila's On the Road"
    "Sweet Hitchhiker"
    "The Highway's Coming"Chely Wright:"Bumper of My S.U.V."
    "Go On and Go"
    "Listenin' To The Radio"
    "She Went Out For Cigarettes"
    "Shut Up And Drive"XXTC:"Roads Girdle The Globe"YThe Yahoos:"Hunt You Down"
    "Monkey With a Gun"
    "Oh, Chicago"Trisha Yearwood:"Georgia Rain"
    "On A Bus To St. Cloud"
    "You Can Sleep While I Drive"Yello:"Of Course I'm Lying"Yes:"Roundabout"Dwight Yoakam:"Eight More Miles"
    "Guitars, Cadillacs"
    "Lonesome Roads"
    "Long White Cadillac"
    "Readin', Rightin', Rt. 23"
    "Rocky Road Blues" Jesse Colin Young:"Highway is for Heroes"Neil Young:"Changing Highways"
    "Drivin' Thunder"
    "Get Back On It"
    "Get Gone"
    "Highway Of Our Love"
    "Human Highway"
    "Last Trip to Tulsa"
    "Long May You Run"
    "Motorcycle Mama"
    "Open Road"
    "Thank God I'm on the Road Tonight"
    "Unknown Legend"
    "Where is the Highway Tonight?"
    "White Line"
    ZJordan Zevon"Studebaker"David Zollo:"Get Away"ZZ Top:"I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide"
    "Master of Sparks"
    "Pan Am Highway Blues"
  23. jaimeroquay

    jaimeroquay Forista

    27 Ene 2006
    Me Gusta:
    X3 2.0D
    falta "el cochecito leré" y "vamos de paseo en un auto feo"

    no están en la lista pacix, mucho lirili y poco lerele... jiji
  24. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    Tracey Chapman - Fast Car
    Rolling Stones - Black Limusine
    Radiohead - Killer Cars
    Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz
    Wilson Picket - Mustan Sally (esto es una licencia en toda regla)
  25. Nicko

    Nicko En Practicas

    21 Ene 2007
    Me Gusta:
    Argentino en Murcia,
    Pistas candentes - Jaf
    La maquina mecanica - Jaf
    La fleetline - Jaf
    Susie cadillac - Pappo
    Sube a mi voituret - Pappo
  26. R.VELA

    R.VELA Forista

    8 Abr 2006
    Me Gusta:
    Elche (Alicante)
    yo me aria un disco de ECDL
  27. Caneco

    Caneco Clan Leader Coordinador

    5 Abr 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A Guarda
    leyendo en este hilo temas de acdc, metallica, audioslave, roxette, queen, kraftwerk, deep purple,... como que no,..
  28. Gus

    Gus Tali-bahn Administrador Coordinador

    28 Ene 2002
    Me Gusta:
    A 1800 kms del Ring
    Behind the wheel- Depeche Mode
    Joer...como olvidamos "Drive my car" - The Beatles
  29. alvaro134


    4 Jun 2003
    Me Gusta:
    Harvest Moon/JaÉn
    juer pacix, pocas opciones nos dejas:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  30. logroñes

    logroñes Guest


    Autopista de Loquillo.(Muy recomendable).
    Cielo del sur de La Frontera.
    Roadhouse blues de los Who.
    El loco de la autopista y El diablo sobre ruedas(recomendable) de Los Rebeldes.
    Luego en plan ñoño Nacional II de LA Guardia.

    Por ejemplo.