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Dicen que la 16,2 hace esto

Tema en 'BMW Serie 5 E-60 (2003 - 2010)' iniciado por escarolo, 26 Abr 2005.

  1. escarolo

    escarolo Guest

    Esto es lo que dicen que cambia

    Function Changes CIP 16.2

    Modified displays
    BMW Contact Revised menu guidance
    Navigation System - Expanded menu in arrow view
    Touring: Automatic tailgate actuation (M3 I guess)
    BMW Radio Professional: Playback of compressed audio files (MP3)
    Service requirements: Modified display if service is not performed on time.
    Status information is now faded out when the Control Display switched off.
    New "perspective view" on map display. (Change map view, facing north, dir of travel or 'perspective' which has clouds in sky 3D display)

    Software errors fixed:

    Exterior lights flash briefly when vehicle wakes up.
    Vehicles equiped with CCC reboot on startup.
    Timer was extended on Bluetooth handset. Ring limit fixed.
    Audio off or mute is stored.
    All 6 CD's can be selected.
    Navigation map is displayed after engine is switched off.
    PDC tone volume changed.
    Automatic headlamps change when vehicle both enters and leaves a tunnel.
    Transmission fix - loss of power when decelerating or coming to a stop. N62 vehicles.
    Ventilation temperature too cold, fixed.

    Looks like no RDS or SMS yet...

    Mañana lo recojo con la 16.2, ya os contaré