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TEST M3 321 cv

Tema en 'Foro General BMW' iniciado por Theo, 4 Abr 2005.

  1. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Pues resulta q no tenia ni idea q dando al contacto y dejando el boton del cuentakilometros pulsado a la vez salia un test indicandote 6 puntos. Cada punto t indica unos kilometros...sabria alguien decirme q indica exactamente esos puntos?????[​IMG]
    Gracias compañeros!!
  2. Manuel

    Manuel Forista Senior

    29 Mar 2002
    Me Gusta:
    Principado de Asturias
    Si pasas al ultimo test se mueven las agujitas.


    Te lo busco.
  3. NOVA

    NOVA Forista Legendario

    2 Abr 2002
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  4. Manuel

    Manuel Forista Senior

    29 Mar 2002
    Me Gusta:
    Principado de Asturias
    Instrument Cluster Test

    NOTE: Just for the hell of it. KLR means ignition switch position #1
    (accessory) KL-15 is ignition switch position #2 (on), and KL-50 is ignition
    position #3 (start)

    This works on all instrument clusters 1992-1999 E36 - 4

    Step 1. Press and hold the mileage reset button.

    Step 2. Put key into ignition switch and turn to KLR (Ignition switch
    position #1)

    Your LCD display will show something like this "tESt 01"

    Step 3. Once "tESt 01" is shown, let go of reset button and the IC
    (Instrument Cluster) will go through
    some test cycles. Numbers will be shown and here's what they mean:

    1st display: BMW PART NUMBER (6 digits)
    2nd display: CODE NUMBER (5 digits) Internal Coding Plug #
    3rd display: K NUMBER (4 digits)
    4th display: CHASSIS NUMBER (5 digits) this is part of your VIN
    5th display: SOFTWARE VERSION (3 digits)
    6th display: REVISION INDEX (2 digits) Hardware #

    After all 6 displays are finished, an analog gauge test will be performed.

    The self-test is canceled by switching the ignition off or to KL-15 (ignition
    switch position 2)

    IC (instrument cluster) tests 1-15
    1995 - 1998 (99) 318ti
    1996 - 2000? Z3
    1997 - 1999 E36 4dr/coupe/convertible/M3

    *Test functions 1-4 are unlocked tests and can be called up at any time for
    *Test functions 5-14 are locked and require unlocking the test mode before
    they can be displayed.
    *Test functions 2-14 can be selected at any time when the cluster is
    unlocked, even when vehicle is moving.
    *Test function 15 is the lock/unlock function.

    Step 1: Press and hold the mileage reset button.

    Step 2: Put key into ignition switch and turn to KLR (Ignition switch
    position #1)
    Your LCD display will show something like this "tESt 01"

    Step 3: You will need to unlock the test function first so when the LCD
    Display shows "tESt 01," press the reset button till you get to "tESt 15."
    Once you're on test 15 press, and hold the reset button for a few seconds
    until it displays "off." Now you can cycle through the test features. Here
    they are as they follow:

    Test 1: Instrument self test

    Test 2: Engine Data - This display is an "engine factor" value that is stored
    in the coding plug. The instrument cluster processor uses this factor in
    addition to the "TD" signal from the DME control module to process and
    display tachometer RPM based on the engine installed. For EXAMPLE:

    Test 3: SI elapsed distance - the total mileage in kilometer since the last
    reset. Which service is due at the next inspection (OIL SERVICE or INSPECTION)

    Test 4: SI elapsed days - no value for US vehicles. Relates to Euro annual

    Test 5: SI evaluation factor - for engine speed and temp. thresholds being
    Display: n = 0 or 1. Engine speed (over-rev)
    t = 0 or 1. Engine temp.
    NOTE: "n0" means that you hit the maximum threshold for engine speed and "t1"
    means you overheated the engine. I found out from my instructor that this
    test 5 is false due to software related problems.

    Test 6: Fuel Level and coolant temp. - Display of hexadecimal codes in
    relation to gauge position.
    Fuel gauge ----> Hex value
    A (empty)---------> 0d
    End of reserve---> 37
    B-------------------> 54
    C-------------------> 90
    D------------------> c4
    E (full)-----------> f0

    Engine temp. ----- Hex Value
    A----------------------> ce
    B----------------------> 6d
    C----------------------> 5c
    D (center)----------> 4f-23
    E-----------------------> 1e
    F-----------------------> 18

    Test 7: Engine speed (Digital Tach)- display of current engine speed

    Test 8: Road speed - display of current road speed in km/h

    Test 9 Distance reading - this allows the total stored mileage to be updated
    if one of the storage components has to be replaced. This test step will be
    used if the manipulation dot is illuminated in the cluster display. This
    display will show the component with the lower mileage. For example:
    Display of 012654 l indicates that the mileage in the internal EEPROM is
    lower than the mileage stored in the coding plug.
    Display of 000325 E indicates that the mileage in external coding plug is
    lower then the total mileage stored in the internal EEPROM.
    Pressing the reset button for 4 seconds will over write the lower mileage
    with the higher mileage and cancel the manipulation dot. The SI data will
    also be transferred at the same time.

    Test 10: Status bits (input signals) - the status of digital inputs to the
    cluster are displayed as 0 or 1.
    Display: 0 = input low, 1 = input high.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ <--- Mileage display...6 digits left to right
    1st - belt contact, seat belt fastened = 0
    2nd - ignition lock contact, key inserted = 0
    3rd - door contact, door open = 0
    4th - clock button pressed = 0
    5th - SI reset = 0, for reset = 0
    6th - EGS transmission failure = 0

    Test 11: Status Bits (output signals) - the status of digital outputs is
    Display: 0 = output inactive, 1 = output active
    _ _ _ _ _ _ <--- Mileage display...6 digits left to right
    1st - Gong output
    2nd - Brake warning lamp
    3rd - Low fuel warning lamp
    4th - EGA lamp
    5th - seat belt lamp
    6th - manipulation dot

    Test 12: not used

    Test 13: Country code of cluster - the display indicates the country version
    of the cluster. This cannot be
    changed in the workshop. Display: USA 02

    Test 14: Software Reset - The reset must be carried out if any faults are
    present that are not plausible before any components are replaced. After the
    reset, the system will exit the TEST mode and the lock
    will be reactived.

    Test 15: lock/unlock

    NOTE: Try not to use the engine speed and road speed while driving. The
    display is too low and you have to read instead of glancing which takes time
    taking away your eyes off the road.
    Hope this test brings some fun and interest to you all.

    Jon Caldito
    BMW STEP - Orlando
    Class #8
  5. pLEy

    pLEy Clan Leader

    21 Ago 2002
    Me Gusta:
    Nunca te acostaras sin saber una cosas mas :p

    Mira en el foro E36 ;)
  6. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Gracias Manuel!!! eres un ///Makina!!! jeje ;)
  7. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Por la cara....y lo mejor es q se alguno de vosotros tiene respuesta siempre ;)