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Tema en 'Foro BMW F1/Racing/Competición' iniciado por MARIANO LOPEZ RIVELO, 8 Ago 2007.



    13 Abr 2004
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    Buenas tardes
    Adjunto podeis leer una interesante comparación entre los 13 motivos que tiene F.alonso tanto para quedarse como para irse, aunque no aclara nada
    Fuente:The times (08/08/07)

    Thirteen reasons why Fernando should stay at McLaren
    1 It is a great team.
    2 It has one of the two best cars on the grid.
    3 It is paying him a hell of a lot of money.
    4 He is contracted to stay there until the end of the 2009 season.
    5 Breaking his contract will be very expensive at an estimated $20 million-a-year.
    6 BMW is still not competitive(as against McLaren and Ferrari) and may not be next year.
    7 Renault are off the pace and don't have the money Fernando requires.
    8 Toyota have the money but are rubbish.
    9 At Ferrari, Fernando would have the same problem as he had at McLaren but instead of it being called "Lewis Hamilton", it would be called "Kimi Raikkonen".
    10 Leaving would look like spoil-sportism.
    11 Leaving would be an acknowledgement that Lewis had got the better of him.
    12 McLaren and Ron don't want him to go.
    13 At McLaren he has an excellent chance(and a better chance than anywhere else) of being world champion.
    Thirteen reasons why Fernando should leave McLaren
    1 Fernando believes Lewis has the team in his pocket.
    2 The team is British and Fernando believes it will always favour its own as against a "foreign" driver.
    3 Lewis has shown he is prepared to play dirty to win.
    4 Fernando does not get on with Ron.
    5 Fernando does like being in a team where both drivers are free to fight for the spoils.
    6 Fernando believes that McLaren reneged on his original deal - namely that he would be the number one driver.
    7 Fernando has never trusted McLaren since the row at Monaco.
    8 Fernando may feel that Lewis will end up being quicker than him.
    9 Fernando will enjoy being in a more Latin team - Ferrari - or his old team, Renault.
    10 If Fernando wins the world championship this season, he will have achieved his dream of three consecutive titles with two teams.
    11 In that case he could retire
    12 Or take a year off
    13 Fernando's supporters in Spain - or some of them - don't like McLaren(to put it mildy)
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    5 Feb 2003
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