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    5 Sep 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Mirad todos los cambios que van a tener los E-60 desde el mes de marzo (no solo los nuevos motores de gasolina)

    "If you have a 5 series on order you may want to delay it a bit.....

    Week 9 production changes:

    New Petrol engines:

    As from Week 9 production the following models will now be introduced with the new N52 Six-cylinder VALVETRONIC 24 Valve engine. This engine has an increase in cubic capacity, power and efficiency and has a more dynamic torque delivery than its predecessor.

    523i SE/Sport (formerly the 520i SE/Sport) - Saloon and Touring
    525i SE/Sport - Saloon and Touring
    530i SE/Sport - Saloon and Touring
    All 5 Series models will now be EU4 compliant from Week 9 production

    Standard Specification changes to Saloon model range:

    All 5 Series Saloon models will receive Servotronic Steering as a standard feature. (All Touring models already have this feature as standard specification)

    Changes to Dynamic Stability Control:

    All petrol 5 Series models will be upgraded to DSC+, which has the following enhancements:

    DSC switch will now show as DTC
    Brake pre-tensioning
    Rain brake support (brake drying)
    Hill start assist
    Brake fade compensation
    Soft stop

    Brake pre-tensioning shortens stopping distances by priming the brakes if the driver lifts off the accelerator sharply in preparation for an emergency stop. The result is a car that has already commenced the stopping process in an emergency situation by the time the driver applies the brake.

    Rain Brake Support improves braking performance in the wet. Driving on wet roads leads to a film of water building up on the brake discs. This naturally lengthens stopping distances when the brakes are applied as the pads cannot bite the disc as effectively as in the dry. With Rain Brake Support, the activation of the windscreen wipers or a signal from the screen-mounted Rain Sensor enables a periodic gentle application of the brakes to scrub off any residue. When full stopping power is then needed the maximum force is achievable. In day-to-day driving, this periodic brake application is unnoticeable and, to avoid any confusion or danger, the brake lights do not illuminate when Rain Brake Support is active.

    Hill Start Assist allows a manual transmission car to pull away smoothly on a gradient without rolling backwards. This is achieved by maintaining brake pressure for the short time taken to apply the accelerator after releasing the foot or handbrake. The system judges the gradient of slope and the subsequent degree of brake pressure needed for a smooth start.

    Fading Compensation When the brakes get very hot, a driver can experience some fade in stopping power. Consequently, he or she needs to apply greater force to achieve the same stopping power. Fading Compensation recognises this situation and applies additional braking without any extra effort from the driver.

    Soft Stop guarantees a smoother journey for all occupants. It allows the car to come to a perfectly smooth halt by releasing a small proportion of the braking pressure at the end of the braking cycle. In the event of an emergency, Soft Stop becomes inactive in order to achieve the shortest stopping distance.

    Interior changes for all 5 Series models:

    The following interior changes will be introduced:

    Handbrake handle grip will now be finished in leather
    All air vents within the dashboard and rear centre console will have a chrome insert on the vent direction levers
    Steering wheel inserts will have improved “soft-feel” plastics
    Heater control dials (only for Air Conditioning-advanced) will have Ruthenium finished surrounds
    Driver’s side stowage compartment (below headlight switch) will increase is size and have a compartment door similar to the E46 3 Series
    Whenever an upgrade interior trim is specified (435,437 or 438) the rear centre console will automatically receive two cigar lighters.

    Navigation changes for all 5 Series models:

    All 5 Series models specified with either Navigation Business or Professional will now have “short cut” function keys to the left of the display screen

    Short cut key functions: (in order as shown on screen display image)

    Navigation voice on/off
    Navigation guidance on/off
    Navigation destination input via Map
    Navigation information (Points of interest) display on/off
    Navigation display view select Direction of travel, Pointing North, Arrow view, Perspective view
    Navigation Route criteria selection Non motorway etc
    Traffic information Message list display

    Please note some of the above only applies to Navigation Professional with its Map display vs the standard arrow display of the Navigation Business

    “Perspective View” function will be introduced to Navigation Professional (gives the map more of a 3D feel, so I'm told)

    Various TMC enhancements will also be introduced from Week 9 production that include faster downloading of traffic information, correct display of TMC icons within the M25 area, correct mileage readings for actual traffic incidents, improved display for actual traffic events.

    Saloon Sport Models:

    A new optional 19” Sport alloy wheel with mixed Run-flat tyres will be offered to all 5 Series Saloon Sport models from Week 9. (Images will be published on Wednesday 26 January).

    Option code: 2NN M Double-spoke styling 172

    8Jx19 245/35 R19 (front) and 9.5Jx19 275/30 R19 (rear)

    19” wheels are not available for the Sport Touring models due to wheel arch and rear axle restrictions.

    Option Pricing:

    From week 9 production ALL 5 Series models will have an optional equipment price increase.

    A confirmed optional equipment price list will be published on Wednesday 26 January.

    New Options from Week 9 Production:

    633 Bluetooth telephone preparation with telematics function
    4MF Active seat back rest adjustment
    541 Active Cruise Control will be released to Sport models and 535d

    Options deleted from Week 9 Production

    206 SMG gearbox for 525i SE/Sport
    638 Professional Telephone"
  2. VDV

    VDV Guest

    Lo del DSC+ o DTC ya lo lleva el mio.

    La superficie del apoyabarzos acabado en cuero y no en plastico tipo salpicadero, tambien.

    De la navigation no puedo decir nada y de lo demas no lo se, pues son cosas que no se pueden ver.
  3. FEL ix

    FEL ix Guest

    me temo que no es así
    el tuyo (MY2005) lleva el mismo DSC, solo que la inscripción de la tecla cambia de DSC a DTC ... lo que es totalmente lógico ya que lo que hace realmente (en primera pulsación) es conmutar DSC a DTC
    pero lo que aún no se ha incorporado es el DSC+ con las nuevas funciones
    un salu2


    13 Abr 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Buenos dias:

    Los cambios no hacen referencia a la superficie del apoyabrazos, sino a la empuñadura del freno de mano, ahora en cuero.
  5. VDV

    VDV Guest

    En el mio, la empuñadura del freno de mano es en cuero ¿como era antes?

    Lo del apoyabrazos acabado en cuero, lo he comentando porque PCR y CHE al verlo me dijeron que en sus coches no era asi.
  6. David-AC

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    11 Abr 2002
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    West Coast
    430d F36 & Z3
    En el manual de mi Compact de 2002 pone que una pulsación activa el modo de tracción DTC. Puede que hayan introducido mejoras en los nuevos modelos.
  7. onep

    onep Forista

    1 Abr 2002
    Me Gusta:
    All petrol 5 Series models will be upgraded to DSC+, which has the following enhancements:

    DSC switch will now show as DTC
    Brake pre-tensioning
    Rain brake support (brake drying)
    Hill start assist
    Brake fade compensation
    Soft stop

    Entiendo que se refiere a los lo van a incluir en los diesel??[}:)]

    Alguien lo sabe?

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