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General problems of e_90

Tema en 'BMW Serie 3 E-90/E91/E-92/E-93 (2005 - 2011)' iniciado por 320dportugues, 16 Ago 2005.

  1. Hi:
    sorry for writing in english,but I do not speak spanish(however,everytime I go to spain in my 320 e.46,I feel that it loves your country such as I loved sevilha,specially the nights near the Isla Magica:really,spanish girls are :fliping::fliping:...)

    Ok,I´m thinking of buying the new 320d but since I had some problems with my 320d,i do not want to buy a new with the ideia that I didn´t have the possibility to search for the problems of the new e90.
    So...What are the main problem you´re having in your e-90 of this forum?
    thank you a lot
  2. RGB

    RGB Forista

    6 Jun 2005
    Me Gusta:
    I don´t know much about the 320d for my main interest is in gasoline engines -I don´t like diesels, specially in a sporty car- but I think that, in this spanish forum, the main problem is the turbo. There are many mad owners that find their turbos broken in the early life of their cars.

    There are also a lot of owners that complain about the steering. They find a general tendency to go to the right side of the road requiring a constant fight with the steering wheel.

    Some people too, find it a bit underpowered a low revs.

    And others wish they had bought a gasoline model.

    These are the diesel related problems that I remember. There are other issues, but they are common to gasoline models too.

    I hope to have been of some help to you. By the way, where are you from?
  3. Thank you for your answer.
    Im from portugal,Lisbon.
  4. RomanCj

    RomanCj Forista

    4 Mar 2005
    Me Gusta:
    You´re right with turbo problems in 320D.

    If you like 320 and you have doubts about diesel, take a gasoline instead.

    And I have a 320d...
  5. fer320D

    fer320D Guest

    I have my 320d since mid last week, and for me it is a great car. No issues at all (as of now). So, from my point of view, I strongly recommend you this model. But, as you probable know, you can always go to your dealer and test one by your own...

    FORNACO Guest

    Joe que moernos nos estamos volviendo, vosotros si que sois buenos foreros, respondiendo el ingles. A ver voy a intentarlo yo.

    Güelcome, tu de foro enaity espanis.

    Bueno fuera de bromas.

    Welcome everybody.
  7. The problem is that I make a few Kms per month,for example,in the last month I´ve made about 5000km and the gasoline is not the economomic solution.
    The problem is that I love the new 320d,but I had a "bad" experience with the old one,I know that the new ones goes to same way and I see other cars that already includes equipement that the BMW insistes only giving has opptional.
    The problems with the turbo are broken turbos?
  8. helderbarata

    helderbarata Guest

    Estoy por salamanca a ver si vamos un dia de tapeo
  9. RGB

    RGB Forista

    6 Jun 2005
    Me Gusta:
    I recomend you the Honda Accord diesel. It is a very RELIABLE car with a very good chassis and lots of equipement that come standard. The diesel engine is one of the best nowadays, arguably better than BMW 320d.
    And BMW people are becoming so prepotent that deserve a lesson.
  10. olibin

    olibin Guest

    joder con los idiomas, a ver si se apunta un belga, y os pongo a flippar:descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon: :descojon:
  11. cachopin

    cachopin Guest

    menos ingles y mas castelleno
  12. Ok,but there are something that I dont find in other cars...The pleasure of driving like in a BMW!!!
    For an example,the new Passat for the same price as the 320 touring has lots of equipement like leader seats,bi xenon,cruise control...The engine is vey good,a little poor at low rotation but faster then a 320d when getting from 60 to 80 or 80 to 100...
    But,ok it´s cheaper,more space,more equipement but...the principal I think it doesnt have!
    I think that one of the biggest problem with bmw owners is that they dont admite they cars have problems...May be if they get togheter to protest against the problems we have in our cars then BMW would be the best car...
  13. Sorry,I thought that the paixon for BMW didn´t have "borders" like the language of the bmw owners...