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Otra del mismo modelos con dos nombres Lotus Elise = Exige??

Tema en 'Foro General BMW' iniciado por pacix, 15 Jul 2005.

  1. pacix

    pacix Clan Leader

    9 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Koblenz, Alemania
    Pues estaba leyendo un foro guiri un tio que se ha comprado este coche:


    Precioso, ¿verdad? Pes el tio se ha ido a Bosnia (dónde es la foto) que hay montañas para hacer curvitas y tal.

    Cuenta lo siguiente: "I'm soooo enjoying Exige ownership.

    Sure, I miss some of the creature comforts that I had in the Zed, but for pure banzai loopy-ness, well... I can't think of anything that I've ever driven that comes remotely close.

    It is really confidence inspiring in the corners - so much so that you don't realise just how quickly you're moving through them.

    My little brother is into modified jap-rockets that have phone number sized BHP figures and take off like scalded cats. He didn't seem that impressed when I told him I was getting the Exige, and was pretty cold when I took him out for his first test drive. On full throttle he remarked that it, "was not bad" (an outrageous compliment by his standards), but I'll never forget the look of sheer horror on his face when I came to my first set of bends!

    He went as stiff as a board and did some reflex 'braking' for me with his right foot! The little Lotus sailed round the corner happy as you like, and 13 miles later - the poor boy was as white as a ghost!

    Back home, dad asked him how it was, but he wandered off muttering "that things mad"! "

    Y yo he pensado... ¿exige? ¿exige? Si es Elise, ¿no?

    Y si lo es sí...http://www.lotuscars.com/lotus.html
    Por cierto, preciosa web...
  2. Iago_Wild

    Iago_Wild Forista Senior

    8 May 2004
    Me Gusta:
    Sueca (Valencia)
    Se llame como se llame, tiene una pinta imponente!
  3. kazarn

    kazarn Clan Leader

    3 Sep 2003
    Me Gusta:
    Creo recordar que el Exige es un Elise mas "racing" ;-)